Friday, September 25, 2020

Letterz: Michael Burnz Single Uplifts with J Ross Parrelli and Mila Akilah


Letterz Michael Burnz

We’re proud to release Michael Burnz’s latest single “Letterz,” a hip-hop mix that is about the power of words and the messages they convey. Featuring J Ross Parrelli, Mila Akilah and beats from ccMixter producer The Concept Of Energy, this worldwide collaboration carries the message of love and empowerment. Though the track is not an upload to ccMixter, it carries the spirit of community, one that is at the core of Michael’s career.

Michael’s contributions to ccMixter show his love for music and collaboration, and “Letterz” is no exception. His consistent push to make music that connects artists and listeners across all platforms is inspiring. When we asked him about his new release this is what he shared with us.

“At its core “Letterz” is about the words we speak & their power to build or destroy. Words are made up of letters hence the title “Letterz.” Michael continued, “When we allow love and light to penetrate our innermost...then our souls, our cells and our words will be full of light down the very letters of those words.”

Born out of a sample pack Michael received from The Concept of Energy, “Letterz” quickly became a collaborative effort. Burnz connected with J Ross Parrelli, who has an extensive career of combining her music with uplifting community projects, and her contribution became the chorus line. After working on demos for the track, the two felt like it needed a shot of reggae, so they contacted Mila Akilah, a independent artist from Kingston Jamaica. She recorded her parts from her home in Jamaica and the track was complete. “Letterz” is truly a worldwide effort.

The message is one for the world as well. Love yourself and free yourself. We can all use as much of that as we can get these days.  

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