Monday, January 08, 2007


One of Cringely's predictions for 2007:

4) No one DRM technology emerges as the winner and the RIAA begins to back off as it loses a few legal cases. Still, no Internet-only song wins a Grammy or is even recognized as existing.
Emphasis added.

Update: I should have only emphasized "or is even recognized as existing." As Ran Dumb Dots notes in a comment, a Grammy gets into only-with-payola-land, not feasible for open music without further industry shakeup. But not even recognized as existing, come on!

Wait a second -- has Cringely not heard of the Grey Album? His prediction for 2006 was already wrong in 2004.

But imagine he said "Creative Commons" or "open licensed" rather than "internet only." The challenge stands.


Gurdonark said...

Maybe that is why I like "less restrictive source" shared music--because it is all a dream, and you were there, and you and you, and it was all so beautiful....

Chris Rininger said...

As Keller Williams laments in one of his songs, "overplay is the only way" (to win a pop genre song Grammy or even have a megaselling hit - overplay meaning Payola'd up radio overplay)

Marco Raaphorst said...

Aren't the Grammy's invented by the music-industry? I guess a CC song will never win in that case. But I don't mind.

I don't like games for music. The best etc. You can only recommend music, but sticking a Purple Heart on it does harm the music I think.

You have good and bad music. Good music is passionated music, from the soul. Bad music is not music, but only meant for people to buy other stuff. A trigger that is :)

(sorry my english is not always okidoki)

teru said...

"Still, no Internet-only song wins a Grammy or is even recognized as existing."

Gnarls Barkley? Isn't that part of their marketing strategy? ;)