Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Keeping Up Appearances !

Whats up kids?
just dropping by to give you all some updates on the newest cdk projects.
a lot of things on the go these days people,

first of all; keep your ears open for the release; "Stereo Attack 1" the first installment of 80 minute trance colaborations albums featuring some of my closest freinds, Lethal and Colorblind, due to come out sometime around the new year. it features cut's like "Chainsmoke" .

second; keep your ears to mixter in the next couple of days the release of "Coming For Your Crown Remix" a remix of Ashwans "Coming for your Crown" featuring Curious.
the remix will have some surprise guests on board and most of it has already been recorded, now for the editing. I promise this will be an awesome track.

third; A new Ghost_K track is in the works as we speak, a Jazzy Trip-Hop mix that will be available on ccmixter some time in the next month or so...

Fourth; check out cdk's Myspace and you will see that "Got 2 Be" ft. Tru ski is out of demo mode and finally cut to perfection, also a new cut called "Spot Francois" is on there too, keep your ears open for more Tru ski colabs in the near future..

And finally; I really have to Apologise about the MegaColab Project, yes it is taking a loooong time to complete, but with that track I have been thrown so many random (but great) samples and additions, and I am still working on it (very slowly) many thanks for all your patience and I PROMISE I will get this done soon. (I hope hahaha....)

any way, just wanted to keep you guys posted, no cdk isn't dead. just dead tired.
keep in touch people.


ps, baby Coden is getting bigger and bigger!


teru said...

Hey, there you are. I'll be looking forward to the music CDK. :)

Gurdonark said...

I am glad you are so active. It's inspiring to see you pitching back into things on so many fronts. I like your hip/trip/hop/hip stuff, but it's not too late for you to provide me with a beatless ambient or chill piece for a disfish collaboration track.

CDK said...

you got it.