Friday, August 18, 2006

looking for an acapella for a mix cd..

looking far an acapella of gnarles barkley's "crazy" for a remix cd i am doing with a freind of mine dj color blind. so if anyone can find it,

let me know!!


teru said...

I haven't heard a Cee-Lo pell.

But there's a "crazy" acoustic version by Nelly Furtado on a page that Victor's posted at ccMixter(forum). You might want to ask on that page too.

CDK said...

yeah thats where the idea came from, i remixed the instrumental using the original sample, and also i plan to mash it with spoon's "i turn my camera on"

teru said...

Good luck CDK.

Unrelated but I saw this video at Metafilter, of an acoustic cover of Hey-Ya by Outkast. Sounds a bit like the Counting Crows. Cool cover like the Nelly Furtado one.