Friday, June 16, 2006

Someone has finally done it..

From Openomic.

"Openomic was created to foster an open economy for digital media created by independent artists. We believe that a model of Sustainable Creativity is possible, where artists maintains control of their work and commercialize it on their terms, in a way that is both fair to them and to the consumer.

Openomic is an media marketplace where independent content publishers can sell any original work embodied in digital form, including audio, image, video and text. The service acts as an intermediary between digital goods publishers and digital goods buyers. Openomic provides publishers with a self-service bureau that allows them to create an online commercial presence where they can upload and publish listings, develop a storefront and attract a customer-base."

A few of you may remember a stream of ideas about how to do this for CC content from Matt May a while back. I think many people have felt for a while now that this is a nut that will be cracked, its just a question of when and how. Is this it? Does anyone know these guys?


teru said...

Thanks for the post Grant.

To be honest I think this is a bit over my head, I'm not sure what's being offered. To me it doesn't seem like anything new. Am I missing something?

natdefreitas said...

Hi there. Just discovered this. I'm on e of the guys behind Openomic. Our hearts our in the right place on this thing and we really hope it is something new. We are in private beta right now for publishers, however you can see Openomic in action at my website: (buy my song!) We'll be rolling out on a handful of other sites this week, as well.

The Openomic service is simple:
1) Upload or provide an URL to the file you'd like to sell; you choose the license and the price (you can charge as little as twenty cents and as much as twenty five dollars)

2) Copy and paste our "buy widget" into your blog or website, or send people to your storefront on our site

3) Monitor your traffic and sales through the publisher console

4) Receive your monthly payment of profits whether its two dollars or two thousand

We also have APIs for everything - both adding listings for sale and for purchasing and downloading, so that we can enable any application or service out there.

I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have: nathan at openvision dot tv

natdefreitas said...

You can now see Openomic in action at See the left-side purchase widget.

natdefreitas said...

Hey, back to this old thread - we've finally launched, and we are now called Cruxy. Please visit and check it out.