Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mixter colab moving right along

it's no secret.
the megacolab currently under construction
is coming closer and closer to being finished.
after almost two months of e-mailing samples and mixes
we are working up a great mix.

so far here are a few people who have added parts/samples

his boy elroy
anchor mejans
ran dum dots...
zik web
porch cat

there are still an number of others doing their part now,

if you would like to be involved or would like tohear what we have so far
contact me (cdk)
at i would love to extend this
mix as much as possible


fourstones said...

heh, i hear ya. let me take this offline...

Ran Dumb Dots said...

sad....I went back and listened to the bass line I submitted for this, and today it sounds to me like the looped musak one hears while waiting for a conference call to start or waiting for customer service....I did listen to the latest collab mix, and I must say this has really evolved into a cool track and I thank CDK for coordinating it --Chris

CDK said...

thanks chris, still waiting for final touches.. and we will have it done... i figure about another month or two, and finally it will be done...