Thursday, February 09, 2006

wheres the regge?

I'm looking for regge tracks to sample,
I seem to find myself in a regge dub mood lately,
But I am having trouble... any hints or ideas..


fourstones said...

It's not 100% authentic but there's this from Drunken Souls

CDK said...

can i sample it for mixter?

fourstones said...

I am not a lawyer and don't, can't and don't want to give legal advice about what is and isn't legal to sample.

You know I was browsing around Jamendo all night last night and most of what I saw was CC licensed for remixing -- of course this album is marked as ND (NoDerivs, no derivites allowed, no remixing, just plain no) which as always is l to the a to the m to the e.

I'm 99% sure if you contacted them from the page I link to above they would give you express permission but right now it doesn't look like it, sorry, my fault for not paying closer attention.

CDK said...

no problem, i checked out vegitation at mixter but i can't really find a clean sample, i love the music though... well worth a look

CDK said...

ps... your links were awesome, no more fighting, seems apropriate where do you find all of this?

gurdonark said...

Surely there must be some kind Jamaican music souls out there we can find to post to mixter! That's a simple solution if they will just "by" in the first place. Let me use my search engine and e mail skills and see who I can find.

CDK said...

that would be awesome.
i finally found a snare perfect for california dub.
i used it in pt.3 instrumental
but i need more.

Mike Linksvayer said...

No specific recommendations, but try this search ("reggae" + + allows derivs via google's CC search).