Wednesday, February 22, 2006

DJ_Concoction Radio: Digging in dem Crates

These are all from a CCmixter Instrumental hiphop mixtape I made a while back with a few extras......some of the songs that made me fall in love with CC. Eventually the button should be moved to the side bar, Im DJ for the week (or 2 months like Gurdo):

MP3 playlist (M3U)

Sharp 1,2,3 taken out cause Ive heard enough of that for a lil while but obviously I love it.

Supposed to have:

Genghis - Stay Real
CDK - Gimme the Funk

but these guys took their songs off CCMixter. If they want to put them back on CC, Ill add to the playlist. CDK youve cheated several podcasts on the net (Im guilty of this myself). There is a lil too much Liverpool love in this one, only because Ashwan is the most hiphop instrumental loadingest person on the site (doesnt hurt that I love these songs).
I didnt add much JLang which seems like a sin. Its cause he doesnt have much instrumentals so check him out at:

and check out "Only" the closing song. Look out for the next one which will, in Curious words, have "hardcore XXX beats" and hardcore XXX lyrics. Hope you enjoy. Peace

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CDK said...

sorry about gimme the funk, i can e-mail it to you if you want..