Friday, January 27, 2006

Any ETA on when ccMixter will be back up and running? I haven't been able to get on all morning.

Update: The site may be accessed via We are experiencing a very bizarre DNS problem that is resulting in pointing to an IP we haven't used in months and no longer have access to. -- Mike Linksvayer

Update 2: What Mike says above for the www variation might NOT be working for everybody (see comments for more) -- Victor

Update c: Well, some of us are back online, but to be honest nobody knows what the actual problem is, so until you hear otherwise, I suspect it will continue to "short out" -- Victor


fourstones said...

The name "" is not mapping to the server -- this started happening last night around 9PM PST, then it stopped, now it's a problem again... there are people "looking into it"

so no, no ETA


Mike Linksvayer said...

I'm afraid it's a dns problem way upstream and out of my control. I'm trying to find the right people to complain to.

You can access the site via for now.

fourstones said...

yea, unfortunately I tried that and it doesn't work from my home.

Besides and further unfortunately: the url without www is wired into the links in the menus and song links, I could redo that in our config but I prefer to wait for a proper resolution